True Patriot Presents – Dominion Jack is back!


Issue 4 now available on ComiXology! The conclusion to Mob Mentality and Dominion Jack‘s origin revealed!

Issue 3 now available on ComiXology! Part 2 of Mob Mentality

Dominion Jack is back! Starting in issue 2 of the bi-monthly digital first series True Patriot Presents, Mob Mentality is a three-part origin story that begins with these three words —

“Jack? I’m alive.”

—and the action and mystery doesn’t stop there. Who is back from Jack’s past? And is that return good news…or bad? Find out in this story by Jack Briglio and Dominic Bercier!

issue 4 cover


Don’t know (Dominion) Jack?

Dominion Jack is a hero based in the nation’s capital who possesses the power of the people, able to tap into the abilities and strengths of the Canadian people around him to protect & defend the country. Living up to the ideals of Canadians is no easy task. Neither is fighting for justice.

Need more background?

Available from ChapterHouse Publishing and ComiXology


True Patriot Presents #4

True Patriot Presents #3

True Patriot Presents #2

True Patriot Presents #1

True Patriot Anthology – Book 2 

True Patriot Anthology – Book 1


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