Flip Volume 2 – Digital Issues

The complete collection of Volume 2 now available on Comixology and on Kindle or Kobo devices!

Flip Volume 2:
Kindle – Amazon
Kobo – Chapters/Indigo

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics and ComiXology.

Flip Vol. 2 #4

Four stories for the fourth and final issue of Flip Volume 2!

Featuring a range of alternative tales flipping the approaching apocalypse, the coming of old age, the virtues of patience, and the perils of life insurance.

Written by Jack Briglio, Dan Collins and Josh Stafford

Illustrated by Paulo Montes, Hugh Rookwood, Devin Taylor and Andrew Clark

Colour art by Brenda Weeks and Audra Balion

Letters by Ian Sharman

Cover by Miguel Jorge

Flip 2 #3.indd

Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics and ComiXology.

Flip Vol. 2 #3

Two stories in the latest issue of Flip! In True Balance, discover a world with a justifiable method to punish bullies. By Brandon Crilly, Scott Drummond, and Ian Sharman. And, in Dying Alive, discover a world long populated by death…and still searching for life. By Jack Briglio, Miguel Jorge, Jacky Filipe and Ian Sharman. Cover by Miguel Jorge.

Click HERE to download Flip Vol. 2 #3 on DriveThruComics now!

Flip Vol. 2 #2

In the latest issue of Flip, BuddyKar is a flipped virtual reality adventure where life catches up to you quickly…when you try to escape it!

Written by Mike Heneghan and illustrated by David Brame. Cover by Miguel Jorge. Edited by Jack Briglio.

Flip Vol. 2 #1

Creator and monster are flipped in the latest digital issue of the Flip anthology. In Frankenpuppy, a monster tries to make his daughter a puppy, something forbidden by a creator long since raised into legend and a religion.

Written by Derek Künsken and illustrated by Trevor Markwart. Cover by Miguel Jorge. Edited by Jack Briglio.

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