GOAL!, in the R4ID: KLAATU anthology

Alessandro Micelli, Steven Legge and I have a short story in the 4th volume of RAID studio’s creator-driven anthology series. Titled Goal!, join Tirah on an adventure he hopes to survive…

My elevator pitch: Wall-E and the Transformers meet…The Walking Dead.

Overview: In a world overrun and consumed by technology and virtual reality, soccer-obsessed teenager Tirah has one goal, even if it results in his death: escape his VR hell to return to the real world and evade his cyber-zombie pursuers…in order to freely play soccer and score one more goal.

After a super successful Kickstarter, the book ships in July and is available for pre-order. Featuring stories by Ramon Perez, Ho Che Anderson, and many other talented creators, including yours truly, give the book a try…

Buy it here


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